The Black Sheep Yarn Boutique Class Schedule

(For all classes, we encourage you to shop from our selection of yarns.
If you purchase yarn at the time of registration, you will receive a 10% discount off the yarn!)



Saturday, 6/8  1:00-4:00pm                Instructor: Sherri Hruby             Cost:  $35

Back by popular demand!!! Let your inner creative out, or fake it until you make it (the shawl, that is)! Learn this easy way to start a shawl and add to it with short rows that let you “paint” with the colors of your yarn. The result will be curved rows of knitting, deliberate pools of color, and a beautiful one-of-a-kind creation that you’ve made. We’ll start the shawl shape and learn the “doodle knitting” technique you can easily use to create the rest of the shawl in free form. If you’re good at the knit stitch, you can do this!  This is an ADVANCED BEGINNER class (8 people max; supplies not included)


Saturday, 6/29             10:30am-12:30pm           Cost: $40                  Instructor:  Nancy Mills                        

Much like the musical term capriccio, this shawl is a free form yet structured design to show off the beauty of the Jorstad Creek Antigua gradient yarn, especially when paired with the drape and shine of Iona. However, your choices are not limited - many combinations have been used and result in beautiful shawls. The three paneled shawl sits easily on the shoulders with or without pinning. The color notes (intermittent short row sections) may be placed where you want or follow the pattern. It’s up to you! Along with designer Nancy Mills, you will create a sample that demonstrates all the techniques used to make the shawl which can be applied to so many gorgeous patterns and designs. 1 hour follow-up meeting, date TBD. (3 people min, 6 people max; supplies not included)

All classes must be paid for at the time of registration.  If a class is cancelled due to low registration, a full refund will be given.  If a customer cannot attend a class, 24 hr cancellation notice is required for a refund otherwise credit will be given toward another class. As classes might have waiting lists, this is a courtesy to those who might be waiting for a spot. Thank you!