Weaving a Sampler (Intermediate Weaving) 6/2

Weaving a Sampler (Intermediate Weaving) 6/2


Sunday, 6/2          10am-3pm              Instructor: Joan Hoffmeyer

In this class you will have the opportunity to learn different rigid heddle weaving techniques, from using pick-up sticks for warp and weft face weaves, twinning, clasped-weft, finger-controlled weaving, leno lace, an alternative to plain hem stitching and more. Your finished project will measure approximately 9” by 19” including fringe.

What you will need: A rigid heddle loom with a 10-dent reed, pick up stick, scissors, tapestry needle. Also, a #13 straight knitting needle.

Your loom will need to be warped prior to class; Joan will email everyone the warping sequence a week prior to class.

You will also need a light sport weight yarn, white or off-white and a second color (light grey, light brown, light blue etc.) for the warp. Please bring your extra warp yarn as we will use it also. You may bring any scrap yarn you have in any weight and color, the more variation, the better.

Joan has an abundance of stash yarn that she will provide and extra knitting needles to loan out. Should you decide you want to twist your fringe, she will have a fringe twister available to use during class. You will also receive a hanger for your completed project.

(minimum of 3 students, maximum of 6 students; Supplies and loom not included)

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